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Jyotish Shastra

  Om Namo Bhagavate Vaasudevaayaa

Jyotish means one that illuminates. Its not only all about your future, its about how to go about if you have a pit in front of you, which you may not be able to see. We do a lot of things, knowingly or unknowingly but seldom we give a thought whether the result will fetch anything benign or malign. Through Jyotish Shastra the doer gets to know what is he doing.

Does Jyotish guarantee that one can change his destiny or can shape it according to his choice?

Answer is a "NO" point blank. We are born with our karmaphal (past deeds) of our previous births. We have to "savour" those results till we are released from the bondage. Jyotish doesn't guarantee one that he will be relieved from his ill karmas. If anyone is claiming that, he must be a fraud & duping people. It is a fraudulent activity in the name of astrology. However, with earnest prayers to almighty, one can certainly get relief, may be to a large extent. As Shree Saradadevi once said, " It can result into a minor cut, than a massacre if you pray to God earnestly".

I am Gaurav Ghosh, had been into astrology for the past 5 years, I am a newbie which I humbly claim. If I give any correct prediction, its Shree Vishnu's Grace, if anything wrong, I am to be criticized.



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